The Devil and Mr. Berger

The Devil and Mr. Berger features Fred H. Berger, founder/editor/photographer of Propaganda Magazine, America’s preeminent Gothic culture publication from 1982-2002.  Mr. Berger recounts three episodes in which people associated with the magazine had demonic encounters and he tells us what he did about it.   The film sports a Black Metal aesthetic shot in New York City, with a musical score by Casket of Dreams, a Dungeon Synth band from Los Angeles.
Our mighty little crew: Dictator – Jeffrey Wengrofsky; Snitches – Kevin Vonesper and Jeffrey Wengrofsky; and Enforcer – Béla Baptiste.
The Devil and Mr. Berger has been screened twice at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn and once at The Dublin Castle in London. Next screening will be at the Blue Starlight Drive-in located in sunny Austin, Texas (April 2024).