the Syndicate of Human Image Traffickers

Syndicate director Jeffrey Wengrofsky has tracked the Wolfboy from the Lower East Side to greater London, the swamps of Jersey, and the Hollywood Hills. Now, coming full-circle, tales of the Wolfboy will be told alongside side such Far West Press Superstars as Jennifer Robin and Nikola Pepera at TV Eye in Brooklyn on April 11 and at Lucky Bar in Manhattan on April 13th.

Syndicate director Jeffrey Wengrofsky has been invited to curate an evening of short horror at the Eastside Cinema in Austin, Texas on April 19, 2024.

The Syndicate mourns the deaths of three friends and collaborators in celluloid: Larry Kessler, Jack Terricloth, and Leslie Barany. Our flag remains at half-mast.

The Syndicate of Human Image Traffickers makes documentary films that focus on tensions in the creative life between art and commerce, democracy and demagoguery, freedom and debauchery, sexiness and sexism, existentialism and inspiration, bohemianism and mores, psychedelic illumination and cosmic mumbo-jumbo, etc. Our films are not available on any website for free; they are usually off-line so that they can be screened at festivals, galleries, and other arts institutions. Our first four films were simultaneously broadcast on the blog of Coilhouse Magazine.

To date, Syndicate soundtracks have been commissioned to members of: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Cramps, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Mars Volta, Beaut, The Brickbats, Thompson Automatic, The Godz, The Hold Steady, Sonny Vincent, Casket of Dreams, The Fungus Fire Tabernacle Choir, The Cult Heroes, and The Nixon-Mao Handshake. Our coming contraptions reel was scored by J.G. Thirlwell aka Foetus. The Syndicate collaborates with photographers like Ian Couch, Margee Challa, Janelle Rominski, Dan Efram, Arin Sangurai, and Tina Zimmer, as well as illustrators like Bill Anderson and Heather Lee Allen.

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